• EVVO Media got its start in 2007 as a video media streaming and hosting company. Back then, three astute and dynamic individuals, who believed that all great ideas deserved a chance to flourish, recognised that many lacked the technical backing. And so, EVVO Media was born and became a technology company to provide a solid video solution for our clients, early believers in the power of video.

  • Founded EVVO Labs as Parent Company

  • Awarded our 1st Video Hosting and Streaming bulk tender: IDA (T) 828 EnVision from 2010 – 2014

  • Awarded consecutive 2nd Video Hosting and Streaming bulk tender: IDA (T) 1152 EnVision from 2014 – 2016

    Awarded our 1st Cyber Security bulk tender: IDA (T) 1269 DDoS Mitigation Services from 2014 to 2017

  • Awarded consecutive 3rd Video Hosting and Streaming Bulk Tender: IDA (T) 1378 Envision

  • Awarded our 2nd Cyber Security Bulk Tender: GovTech (T) 16015 DDoS Mitigation Services

Our Vision

To aid any company that puts their trust in us, in making their brand go global with the power of quick and secure video streaming technology and premium integrated web solutions.

Our Mission

To constantly innovate and discover new avenues to enhance existing technological practices that will propel us to the forefront of international market trends, making us the go to technical solution providers.